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Phlebotomy Training Course

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Our 2 day course has been designed to assist those who have never taken blood before, not taken blood for many years or even those who have never taken blood sample in the UK. We are here to help our delegates learn a skill that will be with them forever.

This course has been tailored to accommodate everyone’s level of ability and/or confidence. No delegate will ever feel out of place. Everyone will leave with a fantastic theoretical understanding and an effective practical procedure within phlebotomy. These skills will allow you to successfully draw a blood sample from your patient(s) using a smooth and controlled insertion.

Some of the elements you will cover during this course are.

This Phlebotomy course has been designed to be fun, interactive and educational. All delegates will receive comprehensive practical training. This will enhanced their confidence to peruse a career within Phlebotomy. The relaxed teaching approach will certainly help to settle any nerves.

The course material has been aligned with the National Institute for Health and care Excellence (NICE) & Skills for Health (CHS132) guidelines.

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