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This training is a yearly refresher course and is not permitted for candidates without prior healthcare experience.

About Our Mandatory Training Course

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Our Mandatory Training Course has been designed to offer all healthcare professionals whether bank, agency staff or even full time employees, the most cost effective and time sensitive training. It is essential to us that we maintain the essential training levels. Our Mandatory Training is suited for those working in all healthcare environments including (but not limited to), the NHS, Care homes and the Private Sector.

This training will allow all those who undertake the course to achieve and maintain the necessary healthcare standards. By undertaking this course each employer can be confident that the individual has the knowledge and skillset to best operate within their working environment.

National Frameworks require all healthcare professionals to complete a compliant Mandatory Training course. The content of this training course has been aligned to the UK Core Skills Training Framework.

The CSTF classroom based training will consist of the following practical elements:

If you require additional Resuscitation Training i.e., Paediatric and/or Newborn this can be delivered after the training on the day.
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